About Primo Adjusting Services

Welcome to Primo Adjusting Service, we provide the highest possible recovery for your loss at your home/business, no matter the circumstances. Your insurance company has experts working for them — you should too! We work for the public, not for the insurance company. For reliable and trusted insurance solutions, look no further than Primo Adjusting Services. We are a family-owned and operated business and are proud to extend our services to all of Hialeah and the surrounding areas.

We Double Check Your Policy

We will carefully do a full analysis of your insurance policy. This way, we can truly understand your coverage, deductibles, exclusions, and other important information that may have an impact on your claim. This first step is extremely important and insurance language can sometimes be confusing, our experts are trained and licensed to carefully analyze all types of policies.

We Estimate Every Detail In Your Damages

During the second step, we will carefully prepare a detailed estimate of your damages. We will include photographs, reports, receipts, invoices, and any other important documentation that will help us support your claim. We also use industry-leading software to estimate the amount of all your damages.

We Put Our Best Efforts To Adjust Your Claim

We will handle all communications with the insurance company, and we will work to make sure that the insurance company is doing their part and that your claim is being handled according to your coverage, state and federal laws.

We Maximize Your Settlement

After we've reviewed, estimated, and adjusted your claim, we will work to get the settlement you deserve from the insurance company. We will make sure that the insurance company pays for all your damages and any damages that might have resulted from the initial problem.